1. Official Discography

30th July 2012 - "Lugubrious Silence" Single

1. Lugubrious Silence (Single Version)
2. Lugubrious Silence (Studio Outtake)

Download Link: Mediafire

24th August 2012 - "The Aftermath" EP

1. Equal Sentence
2. The Aftermath
3. Lugubrious Silence (single)
4. The Last Empire
5. Unequal Judgement

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Download Link: Click Here

21st December 2012 - "Split EP wih Fog and Silence the Earth"

Silence the Earth
1. C'est la fin
2. Odium Nostrum (Nostalgia)
3. The Promise of Suicide
4. Buried Beneath the Winter Sun
5. Ashes Under the Grave
6. The Omen (single)

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2. Demo Songs

"The Aftermath EP"

1. The Aftermath demo1
2. The Aftermath demo2
3. The Last Empire demo1
4. Lugubrious Silence 1st studio session/studio outtake
"Untitled Album"

1. Ashes Under the Grave demo1

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