Far from the Doom Metal genre, Carcass hails from the United Kingdom implementing the first solid steps of Death Metal. Despite 25 years since their foundation have passed, the band counts with only 5 studio albums, being Swansong their final work to date, released back in 1996.
The lack of content it's mostly justified due to Carcass being left as a side project and the long hiatus that took place between 1996 - 2006.
A legendary band that left few albums, but all of them enriched with quality music and distinct sound.

So in late 1993 Heartwork is born, considered by most fans and myself, the best album of the band.
Released trought Earache Records, this fine piece of art unveils blistering guitars, fast paced drums and sharp voices, all in all the best thing about this record is the fierce power within the guitars distortion.
Introducing some of the very first melodic death metal guitar leads here and there, Carcass walks towards a more defined sound than the one developed in the earlier albums, but maintaining the raw and oldschool roots for it is known, fans of associated acts like Arch Enemy or Napalm Death will notice a difference whilst listening to Heartwork.
Hasty and violent tracks make the whole experience smooth and sudden, it is hard to realize the album is done playing with 10 tracks so quickly, it carries it's songs merged into one, like a wild journey through a harsh storm.

The album as a whole is worth a listen, especially track 1 "Buried Dreams", track 3 "No Love Lost" and track 6 "This Mortal Coil" - my personal favourite - deserve a place in a large metal-filled discotheque.

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